Choosing The Right Pot For Your Succulents – 9 Easy Steps To Follow

pot for your succulents

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 at 04:32 am

Choosing a planter or choosing the right pot for your succulents is frequently overlooked however, it is a fundamental part of keeping your succulents pleased and creating a stunning arrangement!

The only thing you should be delighted in more than buying succulents is choosing the right pot for your succulents to plant. I’m specifically addicted to blue pots. My objective is to have 2 huge teal blue pots on my front patio one day, both filled with brilliant orange succulents. Sounds fantastic?

As much as I like purchasing planters and pots for succulents, it can be a difficult job to discover simply the best one. Throughout the years, I have actually found a couple of things that are very important to think about when picking a pot, that numerous starting succulent growers do not consider.

All of these aspects can make a huge distinction in assisting you to grow succulents perfectly.

How to choose the right pot for your succulents

pot for your succulents


You are most likely to have seen me state … select a pot with good drainage if you have read my posts on plant soil mix or watering succulents.

Even if you are not able to read this whole article to get more info, remember to get a pot with a good drainage pot, even if that’s the only thing you’ll get from this post when choosing the right pot for your succulents.

Seriously, this will make your life a lot simpler, as it takes care of the many uncertainties out of watering succulents.

To assist you even further, download my totally free cheat sheet to see what it appears like when your succulents require basically water. Click on this link to get that, it’ll be extremely handy.

You’ve got many alternatives if you find a pot you definitely enjoy that does not have a drainage hole! You can include drainage to the majority of containers with a diamond pointer drill bit.

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As you end up being comfier with watering your succulents in a pot with a drain hole, you can branch-off and attempt some pots without drainage. Once again — if you’re simply beginning out with succulents, a drain hole will make things much simpler.


The next factor to consider when choosing the right pot for your succulents is the material your pot is made from. Some typical pot materials consist of ceramic, plastic, metal and wood, glass.

Which material is right for you? It depends upon the area of your arrangement.

Do Succulents do well in terracotta or ceramic pots?

pot for your succulents

When choosing the right pot for your succulents, ceramic or terra-cotta are both relatively breathable materials, and this means they’ll work perfectly well in places where they can get a lot of sunlight and air circulations. I have actually discovered they work well indoors as well as outdoors.
In direct sunshine, a ceramic or terra-cotta pot can warm-up –  which isn’t perfect for succulents, however, generally isn’t a substantial issue.

Remember though, that your soil will dry up more quickly if it’s left in direct sun.

The difficult aspect of ceramic and terra-cotta pots is they can be exceptionally heavy. You might discover that it’s hard to move after (and perhaps even prior to) the soil and succulents are put in if you choose to grow in a big pot.

These kinds of pots are likewise rather vulnerable so you need to be careful not to drop them or knock them over.

Are plastic pots okay for succulents?

Plastic is another popular choice for choosing the right pot for your succulents. A substantial benefit to plastic is that it’s not as delicate and fragile as ceramic and is frequently a lot lighter.

The disadvantage is that it isn’t as breathable as ceramic and terra-cotta.

It’s much more difficult for water to vaporize in plastic pots than pots made from other products.

Pachyveria Powder Puff Exotica (Powder Puff Succulent)

If you use well-draining soil and have a drain hole in your pot, this absence of breathability should not be a problem. Plastic planters have been available in a big range of colors and shapes that make them truly enjoyable to buy.


Wood is truly an intriguing alternative if you’re looking for an uncommon method to plant your succulents and the right pot for your succulents. I like the driftwood planter I made last summer season. It’s a lot more appealing than your common pot or planter.

Plus, wood is useful for succulents that are in direct sun or hot environments due to the fact that it remains cool and retains water.

On the other hand, if you’re planting in a location with less sunshine and airflow you might discover that wood can quickly rot or keep your soil damp for too long. The wood might likewise break down in time, or split from being watered.

For all these factors, wood might not last as long as some other materials for pots. If you pick the ideal area for it, wood can look truly stunning!


Metal is generally not a fantastic long-term option when choosing the right pot for your succulents. You can use it – however, understand that its temperature levels rapidly change, which can trigger the soil to warm up excessively.

Unless you use a metal pot that’s particularly created for planting, it will ultimately rust, which isn’t healthy for succulents. It’s perfect to prepare on moving your succulents to a brand-new container after a while if you choose to go with a metal container from the beginning.


There’s no concern that glass is a gorgeous product to plant your succulents in when trying to choose the right pot for your succulents.. Glass containers generally do not have a drain.

Apart from the drainage concern, glass is also not really breathable, and this means your soil will have a difficult time drying out – unless your container permits and has a large opening for a lot of airflows.

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Glass likewise gets dirty more quickly and tends to gather hard water deposits. And naturally, it’s likewise rather breakable, so you should be careful with where you put or set up your arrangements – particularly if, like me, you have children running around your home!

Textures and colors

Now that you have an excellent concept of what products may work best for you when choosing the right pot for your succulents, the enjoyment has actually started! You can take 2 various methods to select a planter at this moment – select your pot’s color and texture based upon the succulents you will be working with, or choose your succulents based upon the pot you wish to plant it in.

When it comes to combining succulents and pots, Cindy Davison of The Succulent Perch is a specialist. She puts a great deal of belief into selecting succulents whose natural colors will simulate or match the pot she uses.

In this plan, for instance, she has filled the pot with succulents that are comparable in color and shape to the style on the pot. This assists the plan’s appearance combined and aesthetically attractive.

All these options can get a little frustrating, I understand! If you can’t choose what to plant your succulents in, or if you’re having a difficult time choosing the right pot for your succulents, a terrific alternative is simply to draw on standard terra-cotta pots or easy white pottery.

It appears every succulent looks excellent in among these and their simpleness assists keep the focus on the succulent.

Does pot size matter for succulents?

pot for your succulents

It can typically be difficult to inform what size of pot you require for your plans and succulents when choosing the right pot for your succulents. As a basic guideline, I suggest leaving about a half-inch of the area in between your succulents and the edge of the pot, so they’ll have a little space to grow and spread out.

Titanopsis calcarea (Concrete Leaf Succulent)

The excessive area can really prevent a succulent from growing much bigger since the roots expanded before the succulent has time to capture up. A 2.5-inch pot is usually a great option if you’re planting it by itself, but if you purchase it, a two-inch succulent is advised.

If you’re integrating many succulents in your plan, you’ll wish to leave a little area around each of them, so they’ll have some space to perfectly grow.

A securely loaded plan will look stunning as quickly as it has finished and it usually prevents the succulents from growing as much as they should be.

If you really want your succulents to get bigger and spread, provide a little “breathing space” to enable brand-new development. Typically about 1/2  to 1 inch is perfect.

You need to now feel more geared up to acquire a brand-new right pot for your succulents. While there are many things to think about when selecting the right pot for your succulents, it’s still a truly enjoyable part of growing succulents.

It’s time to begin potting when you have actually chosen the right pot for your succulents! Take a look at my post on potting succulents for a detailed tutorial on how to repot your succulents.