How To Replant Succulents In 3 easy Steps

how to replant succulents

Last updated on September 8th, 2022 at 06:43 pm

When and how to replant succulents? People generally asked me about this every time and while it might sound very hard and challenging to replant succulents, it doesn’t take much effort to do properly at all.

Follow this post to learn the crucial things you need to know on how to replant succulents

When to replant succulents

how to replant succulents

First of all, you need to know the correct time to replant succulents.

Succulents are generally put in tight and little pots in the beginning, and ultimately, succulents will outgrow their pot and require a larger pot to grow much better, as time goes on.

There are a couple of signs that will let you know when need to replant your succulents:

  1. The roots are too tight, and they may often grow out of the potholes for more space.
  2. Water does not soak through the entire pot or the soil drains too quickly few hours after watering.
  3. Even when giving adequate water and lighting, the plant still looks unhealthy.
  4. The plant falls over the pot.

Should you replant succulents during dormancy?

The correct answer to this is no. The dormancy period is when the plant is alive but is not actively growing. Running the risk of replanting them may interrupt their growing cycle and might do some damage to your succulents.

A lot of succulents are either summertime inactive or winter dormant, for this reason, the right time for a little replanting must be known (either fall or spring).

Replanting summer-dormant succulents in the fall and winter-dormant succulents in the spring will give them the required time to get used to the new pot and soil environment prior to their growing season.

Typically, you need to replant succulents every 2 years to ensure the soil is fertile and fresh and there is enough space for the plant’s growth. Timing is likewise a crucial aspect you must appreciate.

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I will say you should replant succulents in their growing season (normally spring or summertime) so that the damage to the plant will be at a minimum and the plant has more survival opportunities.

Getting prepared for how to replant succulents

how to replant succulents

The next action would be to prepare to replant your succulents. Normally! You need is good soil mix, a clay pot or any pot of your choice, a set of small garden tools, and some water.

A detailed guide on how to replant succulents

Step 1: Remove the plant from the old pot.

Use a stick to get it out easily if it is a big pot. Be careful not to hurt the plant’s root system. You can turn the pot upside down to get it out if the root is small.

Step 2: Clean and dry the root system

After getting the succulent out of the old pot, you can tap the root to get the dirt off or you can just clean it with water. In many cases, the root might be too long, you might want to cut it a bit. Let it dry in a cool place for 3 to 5 days (keep from direct sunlight and rain), if you use water to clean up the root.

Step 3: Put the plant in a brand-new pot

Put the plant in a brand-new pot with dry soil for some days to let the plant recuperate before you water the plant. Do not overwater the plant at this stage as the root system is still fragile.

Warning and caution on how to replant succulents

  • You should not replant succulents if it starts to flower, keep this in mind very well. This is because repotting or replanting succulents during the flowering stage stops the flowering process, and the flower might fall off the succulents.
  • Do not overwater the succulents: Do not water the succulent immediately after you replant it or soak it in water for too long, if it gets too much water in the process, this will cause root rot in your succulent.
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While replanting succulents is not hard at all, it is vital that you must follow the direction thoroughly.

Succulent is a durable plant, so if you simply want to change from your current pot to other adorable pots, do not be scared to experiment and have fun with the plant.

Important things to know on how to replant succulents

how to replant succulents

The plant and its sun requirements

Most succulents with needles & spine (like cacti) can withstand full, hot sun while fleshy succulents do best in “cooler”, less extreme sun.

When I was residing along the California coast, my succulents grew fine in full sun. But here in Tucson, my fleshy succulents need more shade to grow perfectly or they’ll burn. All do grow fine with protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Where to plant

This also is like the above, you would neither grow cacti in the shade both indoors or outdoors nor would you grow fleshy succulents in the hot sun.

My Pencil Cactus, which was on the covered side patio area, had actually grown to over 12 inches & was about to hit the ceiling. It blew over sometime & needs staking. So I moved it to a shaded area in the backyard garden so it can grow to any length it wants.

The soil mix

This is very important – more information below. Here is a detailed guide on how to make your own succulent & cactus mix.

When to plant the succulent

Spring & summer season are the very best times to plant, repot, transplant or replant succulents. I live in an environment with warmer winter seasons so early fall is great for me here. They surely will not die if you replant your succulents in the winter season, just know it is not the right or optimum time to replant so you might want to wait till early spring.

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Soil mix for succulents

I use homemade natural succulent & cactus mix always. It is really chunky, drains well & is consists of coconut coir, pumice, chips & garden compost.

I also add some handfuls of composts when planting & top the pot with 1/8 inch of worm garden compost.

Note: I now make my own succulent & cactus mix. Here is the guide.

You do not need to add garden compost or worm garden compost to your mix, however, it is how I feed all my container plants, both indoors & outdoors.

Learn how to make your succulents compost here


Back off on the watering frequency due to the fact that it’s a much heavier mix if you use any potting soil. With cacti, do not use potting soil at all.

Note: Succulents and cacti mix varies, depending on the manufacturer.

Many individuals have a mix that they choose and use all the time & it works for them.

The most important thing is that the mix must drain very well.

Add pumice or perlite if you believe your mix needs improved drain & lightness factors.

Summary on how to replant succulents

Why waiting?

It is the right time to spruce up your design with nature’s desert wonders and enjoy what might be the easiest and most satisfying kind of gardening you have actually ever tried.

Go to a regional nursery and pick succulents that interest you. Have them nurtured and try laying your hand at growing brand-new plants to show to your friends.

And use the strategies explained above to propagate and replant your succulents like a pro.

Do you have a favorite succulent or a preferred way to replant succulents?

What plant propagation tips would you like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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