How To Mix Succulent Compost Soil With 3 Amazing Materials

how to mix succulent compost soil

Last updated on September 10th, 2022 at 12:10 pm

We often get asked the question: “how to mix succulent compost soil” As a succulent lover and green-fingered genius, you will know already that a “bog-standard” multi-purpose garden compost simply will not have the best consistency to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Your succulents and cacti plants require a growing medium that is well-draining and porous to avoid water being clogged at the bottom of the pot which can eventually cause root rot in the plant.

Therefore, when growing these amazingly diverse plant types, the potting soil you use is the most crucial factor. Excellent garden compost will dictate the health of your tender plants.

After years of experiments, I finally got the answer to the question on “how to mix succulent compost soil” and I want to share it with you here.

This is the very best soil for succulents and the perfect answer to how to mix succulent compost soil, and it’s incredibly simple to make it.

How to mix succulent compost soil easily

how to mix succulent compost soil

I reveal to you precisely how to make or mix your succulent garden compost.

I do not purchase garden compost, I make my own. It is far more affordable than purchasing a commercial cactus and succulent potting mix.

Plus, I believe the commercial soil mix for cacti and succulents is light on sand and holds more water than I like (at least the ones I have previously purchased).

Making your own garden compost is not just less expensive than purchasing the industrial ones, it is very simple.

What is not to really love about the whole thing? They are low-maintenance, tough to kill, and beautiful. These balanced evergreen wonder plants grow remarkably quick, and produce little succulent ‘babies’, more frequently than you can possibly believe.

All of this growth suggests regular potting-on, which, obviously, implies more soil.

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Succulents need unique soil to prosper – you might get away with multipurpose garden compost, however, if you wish to guarantee your plants can grow as fast and as healthy as possible, a unique succulent compost mix will work magic.

I also discovered that getting my hands on a unique garden compost was neither affordable nor simple. I was just able to discover a 4L bag in a big garden center which had to do with 40 minutes away. (I discovered these specific cacti and succulent garden compost on Amazon.

But my belief is why not believed simply make it? On the TV, Garden enthusiasts are constantly making all sorts of unique blends for plants and it can’t be that difficult.

Who would have believed that it could be this simple?

Succulent compost soil mix recipe

how to mix succulent compost soil

  1. 3 x parts garden compost (A multi-purpose one with an open texture is best to use).
  2. 2 x parts grit (Horticultural grit or course “sharp” sand is finest).
  3. 1 x part Perlite or Vermiculite.

Put each medium into a big tub or container and mix it perfectly, sorting the mix through your fingers to ensure even distribution.

Scoop into a strong garden sack for storage when there are no more clumps and it looks uniformly mixed.

A truly simple to make garden compost dish that will make your succulents happy and speed up their growth rate.

The mix

how to mix succulent compost soil

The objective of this ‘compost soil’ is to enhance the drain as much as possible. These plants originated from dry locations of the world, where the soil is sandy and water is limited.

You most likely have the environment arranged, and the good news is watering is an easily controlled variable, so now it’s simply the substrate. Although, your peat-based garden compost will not assist you here.

I also use equivalent parts sometimes which are mixed in the ratio 1:1:1, that:

  • 1 part garden compost – I used Jack’s Magic. It has a truly great texture and has great drain.
  • 1 part horticultural grit – My regional B&Q had this, however, if you can’t get any, perlite or pumice will also work fine.
  • 1 part sand – I simply used structure sand which was just ₤1 or 2 per bag.
Dracaena braunii (Lucky Bamboo Plant)

I clean the horticultural grit before blending it with the garden compost and the sand, but this most likely isn’t important as you’ll be watering the plants after potting them on anyway.

I have actually read it online that building sand should not be used, however, I have used it and none of my succulents have died from this method, so there you go.

When all the 3 ingredients are ready, just find a bucket and mix them all inside and start potting.

The builder sand is very gritty as you know, so use a strong trowel for this.

Something to remember is that these products are a lot much heavier than typical garden compost, especially after watering – so think about the size and material of the plant pot before planting if it needs to be moved from one place to another.

The essential thing to keep in mind with succulents is their initial environments.

Summary on how to mix succulent compost soil

While this mix will be appropriate for many succulents and cacti, some from really dry areas might require an even grittier mix. According to the British Cacti and Succulents Society (BCSS): “For more difficult species and those known to originate from drier areas, the proportion of gritty materials is increased, even to as much as 75% of the total mix.”

To be honest, when blending everything together, I feel like a correct gardener.

Happy planting!