50 Gallon Fish Tank: What You Must Know!

50 gallon fish tank

To the average hobbyist, choosing a 50 gallon fish tank might seem like an overwhelming process. But it doesn’t have to be! Fish tank sizes in general range from 2 to 200 gallons or more, and the bigger tanks are definitely more expensive than smaller ones, but there are trade-offs to consider when buying any size tank that you need to know about before you make your final decision on which size will be best for your home and your needs.

Suppose you’re thinking of buying a 50 gallon fish tank, but you’re unsure if it will be enough to meet your needs.

In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about choosing the right sized 50 gallon fish tank for your fish-keeping ideas.

50 gallon fish tank dimensions

50 gallon fish tank

Before purchasing a 50 gallon fish tank, make sure you have space available. It is recommended to allow a minimum of 36 L x 18 W x 19 H of space for full functionality. These dimensions provide plenty of room for equipment and furniture around your aquarium.

50 gallon fish tank weight


When empty, the tank weighs around 100 lbs but weighs up to 600 lbs when filled. Aquariums can be placed on tables, desks, or any other flat surface that has enough space to support its weight. If placing it on a table or desk, be sure it is sturdy enough to support both the weight of your aquarium and any additional items you may place in front of it (such as an air pump).

What fish go in 50 gallon tanks?

There are many different kinds of fish that can live in a 50 gallon fish tank, but it is important to note that these tanks require an advanced level of care and maintenance. Do not attempt to keep more than one aggressive species in your tank, as they will fight with each other and/or eat any other fish placed in with them.

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Commonly kept species include Angelfish, Bala sharks, Butterflyfish, Discus fish, Gouramis (which come in a variety of colors), Neon tetras (which also come in several colors), Oscars (can grow up to 18 inches long), Sharks (only certain types; avoid most requiem sharks due to their large size), Silver dollars, Swordtails, and Zebra Danios. If you do decide on keeping multiple species together be sure to research their compatibility first.

How many fish can you put in a 50 gallon fish tank?

You can’t put too many fish in a 50 gallon fish tank. It’s as simple as that. There are no set limits on what you can and cannot do with your tank, provided you take proper care of it.

This is why it’s important to find out how to properly maintain a 50 gallon fish tank before buying one. For example, you will want to find out if there is any special equipment needed or if certain types of fish are better suited for larger tanks than others. Once you know these things, then all you need to worry about is choosing which fish species you would like to keep.

50 gallon fish tank stocking ideas

If you’re looking to get into fishkeeping, but aren’t sure what species would work well in a 50 gallon tank, look no further. We provide some tips and hints below on what makes for a healthy stocking list as well as pairing up compatible fish.

Some of these are specific to freshwater tanks, while others can be used with both fresh and saltwater tanks. Some of these may not be suitable for beginners either due to difficulty or expense. But don’t worry! There are plenty of other options out there if these aren’t right for you.

A variety of stunning Cichlids can be kept in your aquarium, including Africans, dwarfs, and Malawis. Generally speaking, Cichlids do well in 50 gallon fish tanks. Among the most beautiful fish are cichlids, such as the Peacock Cichlid.

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In case you are not a big fan of Cichlids, consider Gouramis. In addition to being vibrant and colorful, they do not exhibit any aggressive behavior.

The fish tank can usually hold up to 20 gourami fish.

See if you can find a Paradise Fish, Pearl Gourami, Red-backed Paradise, or Snakeskin Gourami. A much larger fish tank allows you to house more small fish, which is one of the fun parts of keeping little fish.

It is also possible to get yourself some goldfish if you want to go back to the roots. Orandas are a great way to keep it fresh.

If you want to go marine, you can always do so. Your fish tank will look great with many attractive saltwater fish. A 50 gallon fish tank setup is ideal for keeping renowned fish like the Blue Tang and Mandarinfish.
As you now have an understanding of your stocking options, let’s talk about setup options.

50 gallon fish tank setup options

50 gallon fish tank

Community tank

Community aquariums are popular choices (especially for larger aquariums like this one).
There are normally a variety of fish species in community tanks, which swim silently and quietly together with a variety of plants.

This type of setup is more than suitable for most of the fish we have mentioned above.
If you would like to have freshwater or marine fish tanks, you will first need to decide which type you would prefer. In the same way, the plant option will be determined by that.

Species only tank

Species-only tanks are also excellent setup concepts. Most people do this if they have big fish they wish to keep or if they are simply dedicated to a particular kind of fish.
Most often, it will be fish like Oscar fish, Angelfish, and other Astronotus.

Generally, aggressive fish like Bettas and Barbs are not compatible with each other. Other fish are readily available; just make sure you have adequate space to house them. You can also check out the great selection of other fish and choose your own.

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Paludarium tank

Finally, we have the Paludarium setup. Plants and animals are included 50/50 in this. There are also a variety of fish that can be found there, both freshwater and brackish.

There is no restriction on how you want your 50 gallon fish tank to be set up, what animals you want to buy, or what plants you want to place inside it. It is without a doubt the variety of life that you can include in this setup that makes it so appealing – such as fish, turtles, snails, reptiles, and even little crustaceans.

Keeping it modest and different is all you need to remember.

In spite of the fact that you will only have a few types of fish in your 50 gallon fish tank combined, you will have a lot of variety. It is essential to decide whether or not you want a saltwater or freshwater fish tank for your 50 gallon aquarium.

Because some devices will differ from one another, this is imperative. It is also obvious that you will require a sufficient amount of salt for a marine fish tank.

As soon as you reach the fish tank, you need to make sure it’s clean. There is a possibility that fish tanks purchased from stores are not sterilized, despite the fact that they may appear to be.

We’re ready to set up the fish tank now that the tank has been cleaned.

Set up

50 gallon fish tank

The ideal location for it needs to be found. When empty, these fish tanks are heavy to move. Adding water to them makes them even heavier! Ensure that it is level and that it is placed away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat.

The substrate should be added after the fish tank is placed where you want it.

The base can either be covered or left exposed, depending on the substrate. Cover the bottom of your fish tank with the substrate and spread it evenly.

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Let’s discuss other fundamentals now that we’ve covered the substrate.

Other fundamentals

It is essential to consider the water needs of your fish, plants, as well as any other fish tank inhabitants when choosing the devices.

It is generally necessary to use an effective internal or external filter that is made of high-quality filtering material. You should provide excellent lighting too.

To maintain water chemistry, you should also consider getting some supplements.
Using just a filter may not be enough for bigger fish tanks like this.

From anti-algae supplements to nutrients, supplements that maintain steady water chemistry are available.

We are now ready to include your fish, which is the most enjoyable part.

In order to introduce fish to the tank, check that the water conditions (temperature level, chemistry, nutrients, substrate, furnishing, lighting) are safe and stable.

Keep the fish in their original packaging as long as possible to prevent them from becoming stressed. As you gradually fill the bag with fish tank water every 10 minutes or so, leave them in the bag for 10 more minutes.

Once the fish is in the water, you can launch it.